Backbone units are direct bolt-on replacements for the stock neckplates of Tele and Strat style guitars. Extending from the neck-plate to the string ferrules on Teles and tremolo claw on Strats, they create a resonant, mechanical link between the neck, bridge and strings. Machined from lightweight aircraft aluminum, their patented, revolutionary design produces greater clarity, improved tone, longer sustain and enhanced resonance, fitting any guitar using the industry standard dimensions for bolt on necks. Invented and crafted in the USA, Backbone is affordable and totally non invasive, providing the resonant qualities of a neck-through design combined with the sound and feel of the world's most popular guitars


Rob Musick is one of Nashville's rising stars and hottest all-around
players. Chicken-pickin', steel guitar riffs, blues, pop, he does
all. Rob plays constantly in Nashville's thriving live music scene
as well plenty of studio work and has just released his first solo
Rob's guitar is a very special boutique Tele-style that has
now been 
given a wonderfully enhanced voice with Backbone's
T-Bone Model 
featuring our Brass Interchangeable Tone BlockTM.

Nicky "V" Hines- Dry Comparison


Nicky "V" Hines, Music Director for Carnival Cruise Lines, 

Solo Artist, Session Guitarist, Instructor.   Nicky installed 
T-Bone Studio and compares before and after.

Comments from Guitar Builders and Players


When you play a really well built guitar you can feel the entire guitar resonate. The notes jump off the fretboard, and you feel like a superstar.
 But when you're stuck playing a guitar made from a sub-par cut of wood, the notes don't jump off the fretboard. They stick there and you have to play extra hard just to convince them to show up for work.Backbone Guitar Products can help. 
Their product is an aluminum bar that attaches to the back of your guitar, connecting the neck joint to the strings/tremolo. This metal connection provides a much more efficient means of transferring vibration. The difference was incredible. You could literally feel the difference without the guitar plugged in. The notes had more snap, felt more solid…it feels like a winner.

Anthony Stauffer - TEXAS BLUES ALLEY


"Saw the T-BONE at NAMM 2015 and was amazed at how it enhanced the tone of a Fender Tele.  Once I got back
in Canada I ordered one for a Tele and one for a Strat.  This isn't a gimmick, it's money well spent for such better
tone!        Glenn / ITUNEAUDIO.COM"

"The Stratobone was a cinch to install and added sustain and clarity to my guitar.  Thanks so much for a great product.
Gene, Fairhope AL"

"Played a Tele at your booth at NAMM and was really impressed.  Ordered, Installed, sounds great!  
Patrick, CA"

"Yes, It is very nice, I am going to play this week a show I know very well and give you my feelings.  It seems to
do something that I cannot put into words, there will be no going back for sure!  
Alexandre   Paris, France"

"I own a 1987 Japanese Squier Strat. It's kind of a legendary guitar in our shop. Everyone knows, including my customers, that it's one of the best sounding Strats they've every played. One guy even said, 'I don't know how you are going to make that Strat any better.' But, immediately, we heard the difference. Acoustically, it was clearer, louder and fuller. It seems to bring out all frequencies. Tighter lows, cleaner mids, brighter highs, but not piercing. I see a lot of guitar accessory designs, and very few make any difference. I give this a strong 9 - maybe even a 10." - Chris Eudy / 3rd Coast Guitar Service - Chicago, IL

"TBone definitely increases the sustain on my own custom Tele style guitar that I recently built. Stratobone actually improved the sound of the pickups in my 1998 G&L Legacy Strat style guitar, especially the higher frequencies in the middle pickup. I'm going to leave it on both guitars." - Sigmund Johannessen / Summit School of Guitar Building and Repair - Qualicum Beach, BC Canada

"It has more sustain. I'm happy with the TBone enough to leave it on my own guitar. I recommend it."- Fren Asken / Frenster Guitars - Los Angeles, CA

"I'm a tone freak. If I can wrangle a little more tone out of anything I'm playing, I'm gonna do it. The TBone provides a clearer, bell-like tone on my customer's American standard mid 90's Tele. The Stratobone gives my personal 80's American standard Strat more chime. Overall, Backbone definitely enhances the tone and sustain of the guitar." - Mark Ehrlich / Mark's Custom Guitars - Clifton, CO

"Great Product! Well designed, affordable.  Simple, effective add-on for guitars that need more core resonance."
 Buzz Feiten Tuning System